Student Members

To become a Student Member, nominations from Fellows or Members are considered and are recommended to the Student Members’ Committee. Membership in this class is open to representatives of all professional disciplines in the field of learning disabilities.

The Nominee for Student

The Nominee’s submission and all supporting documentation should be made in English.

Nominees should:

  • Ask a professor who knows you well (preferably an IARLD Fellow or Member) to nominate you.
  • Write a cover letter providing some background on your research accomplishments and interests and some thoughts on why you’d like to join IARLD. Make an electronic copy of your cover letter.
  • Download the Personal Data Form for Student Member, complete the form and save it.
  • Have an electronic copy of your CV available
  • If relevant, have available electronic copies of any publications (peer-reviewed) ready.


In completing the Personal Data Form for Student Member the Nominee should provide comprehensive information and evidence so that the Students’ Membership Committee can make a judgement about the nomination based on the following required criteria:

  1. Is a graduate or doctoral student in the scientific study of learning disabilities, and
  2. Has evidence of interest in and capacity to perform research in learning disabilities attested to by a faculty member of the student’s college or university.

The Nominator for Student

The Nominator should send an email and/or attach a letter of nomination about the nominee to an email and send it to the Vice President/Chair of the Students’ Membership Committee listed below.

A sample of content of the nomination letter for a Student Member has been provided. See Sample of Nominator’s Letter. In their Nominator’s letter, the Nominator should comment on how the Nominee meets the criteria for a Student. Nominators also need to provide information that can support the nomination. This could include judgement about:

  • Caliber/quality of the student’s work in her/his doctoral programme
  • Passion for the field
  • Interests in research and scholarly contributions to the field.


The Nominator and the Nominee should each email their nomination materials for Student to:

Henry B. Reiff, PhD
Vice President for Student Members
Dean of Student Academic Life
McDaniel College
2 College Hill
Westminster, MD 21157-4390